October 19, 2011

Halloween Banner

I love decorating for halloween.  Lately I have seen several cute halloween banners and decided I needed to make one for my house. 

I used this really great card stock that has one color on the top (orange) and another coordinating color in the core (lighter shade of orange).  The idea is to dry emboss the paper and then sand it to get the core color to show through.  If you look closely at my pictures above you will see that I dry embossed all of the orange pieces and sanded every other one to give it a little subtle texture.  I used my Cricut to cut out the black and orange paper and then used a glue runner to stick them together.  I also cut the letters out on the Cricut and alternated the colors between purple and green.

I used black tulle and black double faced satin ribbon to hang the letters.  In order to keep them from sliding together in the center I added a small silver brad that goes through all the layers of ribbon to hold it all together.  Oh yea, I attached a large silver grommet to the top of each letter card for the ribbon to go through.   It turned out great!

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