December 3, 2008

Picture, Picture On The Wall...

Today I conquered the tough challenge of hanging 2 pictures side by side and calculating the exact location of each nail hole to assure they hung straight.

It doesn't seem like it would be that difficult to hang pictures. Just put a nail in the wall and hang it... Right?

WRONG! That might work when there is only one picture involved, but where multiple pictures are involved there is a lot of math needed to figure out how to get them spaced just right and to make sure they are level.

Each picture had 2 hooks on the back. One on each side and no picture wire connecting them. I was planning to attach picture wire to make hanging them a little easier when... I found the note on the back saying "DO NOT USE PICTURE WIRE TO HANG THIS PICTURE." It said that the wire wouldn't distribute the weight of the heavy frames evenly and would cause problems, etc... So I had to carefully measure the exact location of where each nail hole needed to be and then find the center point on the wall and mark it all out using my level/ruler. Luckily I love math and actually got the holes in the perfect location on the first try.

Here is a picture of my new bedroom artwork.
I painted the diamond pattern about 6 months ago. It's a pretty shade of light blue with bright white lines. The ceiling is a chocolate brown. The diamond paint job is another project that required a lot of careful calculating. When I saw these pictures last weekend I knew immediately that they would be perfect for this room.

I think they look great!!

I wish I had taken this picture about an hour earlier to show the curtains. I just took them down because I'm having them remade so they will be floor length. They are about 9" too short and have been really bothering me so I'm having them lengthened.